Casino Lisboa opens NASCLEGO exhibition on the 2nd of August

Casino Lisboa inaugurates, next Monday, August 2nd, the exhibition NASCEGO, by Pedro Nascimento. This is an original individual show that brings together a set of 11 Lego models. An unprecedented exhibition, not to be missed, at the Art Gallery, located in the area surrounding the Arena Lounge. Admission is free.

The NACLEGO exhibition, by Pedro Nascimento, evokes several iconic Portuguese buildings and monuments, which are true references in different regions of the mainland, as well as in the Azores archipelago. It’s an exhibition that encompasses real works of art that should inspire visitors of all ages. Pedro Nascimento will share his passion for one of the world’s fastest-growing toys with Casino Lisboa visitors.

Born in Sintra, Pedro Nascimento, the youngest of seven siblings, received his first Lego box when he passed the primary exam in first class, as a gift from his aunt. The Lego box contained only blue tiles, all exactly the same size, 2×2 bricks.

Man had recently arrived on the Moon and Pedro Nascimento had the idea of ​​building a rocket. At Christmas or any other festive occasion, his entertainment base has always been Lego and he continued to do so until he joined the Commando Regiment. Lego has always played an important role in the years it was part of the Special Troops Units. It has always been an escape and an important recreational activity for him.

With the birth of his twin daughters, Pedro Nascimento, put his passion for Lego on hold, but five years later that passion was reborn with even more enthusiasm with a relentless search for new ideas that led him to dedicate himself to photography and photography. design. This enthusiasm, which has lasted for over 20 years, led him to the construction of dozens of buildings and monuments made of Lego.

His current projects consist of three architectural ensembles: Terreiro do Paço with almost 146 square meters and made with millions of Lego pieces; the second phase of the Champalimaud Foundation which, together with the first phase, occupies a space of 45 square meters; and a typical Arraiolos carpet, with a surface of 18 square meters made with 312,000 pieces.

Pedro Nascimento has never considered himself an unconditional Lego fan, but he assumes that the addition he feels is healthy and having achieved what he’s already done is an extraordinary feat for him. His unique constructions are not only the result of his talent as an artist, but also a constant passion and dedication to the world of Lego.

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