Casino Lisboa opens Margarida Valente exhibition on February 18th

Casino Lisboa inaugurates, next Tuesday, February 18th, at 7 pm, the installation “StreamLight”, by Margarida Valente. It is an original individual show that brings together a set of 16 illuminated objects made of reused materials, namely waste from the textile industry. An unprecedented exhibition, not to be missed, at the Art Gallery, located in the area surrounding the Arena Lounge. Admission is free.

“Using a language similar to that already used previously in other projects for public spaces, this proposal is based on the suspension of elements with the same shape but of different dimensions that are linked in a“ stream ”of light”, explains Margarida Valente.

“The white elements, illuminated inside, highlight the textures and transparencies of the textile materials used, such as the waste of tights in a factory, reinforcing once again the objective of reusing these materials”.

“StreamLight” intends to create an overall reading from the formal articulation between different elements. It is a more daring project due to the way it enters into dialogue with the surrounding space, providing a sensorial relationship between the public and the installation itself ”, concludes Margarida Valente. “StreamLight” thus brings together 16 objects of different dimensions and whose compositions include various materials, such as, for example, tights, textile nets, wires, steel cables or wood.

With a vast curriculum, Margarida Valente has always been based on exploring different materials, their colors and textures, and the way they combine. The starting point for each piece is always defined by changing the original function of the materials, or of products that have already served their purpose and can thus be reused. The pieces are always made by hand, and in limited editions.

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