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Cassete Pirata feature”A Semente”

Maria Matos Theater

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Os Cassete Pirata will present their new album, to a full house, the Portuguese indie rock band entered and conquered the audience present from the first chord.

Cassete Pirata were born in 2016, from the desire to write and play songs in Portuguese, joined by jazz musicians João Firmino, Margarida Campelo, Joana Espadinha, António Quintino and João Pinheiro present their new work “A Semente“.

After the first album “A Montra” released in 2019, which for Antena 3, was one of the best of the year with themes such as “Chora-mãe”, “Ferro e Brasa” and “Outro Final Qualquer”.

Now follows “A Semente” and at Maria Matos, the parade of themes from the debut album was interspersed with themes from the new album, “A Raíz”. “A Torcer Por Nós”, “Tudo Faz Parte”, “Malta” “Ser Diferente”, “A Semente”, “A Pirâmide”, “Brisa Solar”, “Só Mais Uma Hora”, “A Árvore” and “Também Serve Para Lutar” were themes that Cassete Pirata unveiled to the audience that sang, clapped and supported them throughout the concert.

A big highlight is the band’s great harmony with the audience in “Só Mais Uma Hora“, one of the most beautiful moments of the night when everyone sang “It doesn’t have to be forever, but stay just another hour” and we would all have stayed.

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