Cassete Pirata releases video for new single “Tudo Faz Parte”

“Tudo Faz Parte” is the urgent introspection, the solemn moment of our souls abandoned for a moment, which claim the right to also be able to… be in the shit! It is only by accepting that “Tudo Faz Parte” that we give ourselves the time to resolve ourselves and make peace with ourselves.

In a video made by Tiago Brito, with the participation of Eduardo Breda and the artistic collaborations of Lacortei and Nic (from Atelier Casa Nic and Inês), we travel between the dark ramblings of the inner search, the waking dream universe and the allusion to the technique of ceramic kintsugi, which enhances the cracks glued in gold, giving beauty to what is broken and which, with great dedication, has been fully integrated again, but no longer the same as it was before. We are all unique pieces, with our ills, our victories and a new look forward, stronger than ever.

The motto of this song is not far from the rest of the album, uniting the band in an appeal to gesture and the word of intervention, which is already on the tip of the tongue of many of us from north to south of the country.

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