Cassete Pirata launches single “Só Mais Uma Hora”

The band’s new single breaks up stirring the stopped waters and precedes one of the next most long-awaited discs in Panorama Pop Rock Português.

The grooved beat at arm given with melancholy, as of the lyrics and the Cassete Pirata melodies, bounces here, once again.

Só Mais Uma Hora“, just one more moment, those moments that seem forever, that one another hour of eternal return. It is to these moments that the band invites a tribute, a chorus that we can all scream together, an ode to the invivities, music and nights to lose sight and carry us the energies to face creativity and life.

The video that accompanies the single with the realization of Tiago Brito and production of the coast films, wears the song as a glove. A live frame around a table of friends who get lost in the conversations and nostalgia of the song. How do apparently so banal moments shiver the spine? Because it hit full in the heart of a collective longing and singing together is the most effective potion to amaze these evils.

In this fall, October 8, the disk will be launched the seed of what had already been planted by the first long duration of the band in 2019, the shop. The new work will emerge on digital platforms and, in physical format, CD (available from October 8) and LP (as of January 2022) by Pressilho Records, both in pre-sale as of today.

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