Cassete Pirata presents the first single “Pirâmide” from new album

With the pandemic in the background and the consequent complete halt of cultural activity in the country, Cassete Pirata refused to sit back and is an example of creativity and resistance. 2021 is a year of consolidation of the work of Cassette Pirata.

The year began with the release of the single “A Próxima Viagem” and the choice of it for the soundtrack of the RTP series’ Up to Que a Vida Separe Nos, which premiered in February. The theme belongs to the alignment of the album A Montra, released in 2019, but it seems to have been written from scratch in the history of this series by João Tordo, Tiago R. Santos and Hugo Gonçalves, and directed by Manuel Pureza. Other songs from Cassete Pirata are part of the soundtrack, sometimes in their original format recorded by the band, sometimes performed by the band that is part of the series.

In the production and creation phase, Cassete Pirata’s next album is entitled A Semente, planted by the long-lasting debut album A Montra, published in 2018.

The set of songs from this new record record, to be published in the last quarter of 2021, proposes a look at the moment in which we live as a civilization. For the first time, as a species, we have a more palpable awareness of a certain precipice inherent in our lifestyle. This has brought a feeling of the end of the line, of a slow and invisible illness that, in the medium and long term, reminds us and concretizes the ephemeral nature of life and the way we live it.

While we wait for the release of the album A Semente that is coming, Cassete Pirata releases the single “Pirâmide”.

About the “Pirâmide”, Pir (Voice and guitar of Cassette Pirata) says: I remember being a kid and at school I came across a drawing of a triangle that unveiled the structure of a deeply unfair society, where at the top he saw a ruling class that accumulated an immense amount of power and wealth in opposition to another that supported it in a context of misery and slavery. That image and the sense of injustice that immortalized it in my memory are forever. The last few decades have brought fierce struggles and discussions to discover, in democracy, how to resolve or dissolve this structure. What remains is: the actors changed but the Pyramid remains.

The band will present the new A Semente live throughout the country on a tour that marks their return to the stage in 2021. The dates will be announced shortly.

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