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Castelo de Vide hosts ‘VIDE – Street Arts Festival’ in August

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The ‘VIDE – Festival de Artes pela Rua’ will premiere in that Alentejo village and in the rural parish of Póvoa e Meadas, during the 6th, 7, 8th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of August.

The festival will promote small-format shows in the areas of theater, dance, music, oral narration, new circus, performance and installation, and, in parallel, activities in the area of ​​writing, plastic arts, object theater, and movement.

The program includes theaters “Clarice Lispector“, dedicated to the Brazilian writer, from the cycle “Anti-princesas”, by Claúdia Gaiolas, and “Muita Tralha, Pouca Tralha”, by Catarina Requeijo.

In addition to these two shows, there will be two workshops, one on movement with Clara Bevilaqua and Gui Caligari, and another on theater of objects, with Sílvia Pinto Ferreira.

In the afternoon of weekends, the storytellers will be present, with the participation of Ana Lage, António Fontinha, Carlos Marques, and Ana Sofia Paiva being guaranteed. At dusk, the music starts, with O Gajo, Parapente 700, La Miséria Deluxe, Norberto Lobo and Valentina Parravicini and Charanga.

The nocturnal tales will in turn mark the nights, being conducted by Ana Lage and António Fontinha, and with the multidisciplinary show “Na minha saia há um bolso”, created from dating stories collected in the community of Castelo de Vide and in the rural parish of Póvoa and Meadas.

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