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Catarina Gouveia and Chef Chakall wear the “apron” of Flama ambassadors

Flama, the Portuguese brand responsible for the production and sale of small and large appliances, has just presented Catarina Gouveia and Chef Chakall as brand ambassadors for the national market.

The Portuguese actress and digital influencer have been gaining her presence on social media, motivating 566 thousand Instagram followers daily to adopt a healthier (and happier) lifestyle and lifestyle. In turn, energetic, full of vivacity and author of several culinary works, Chef Chakall continues to conquer the hearts of the Portuguese, through the palate of all those who travel to his numerous restaurants to taste his delicacies.

“It is always a pride to be able to work in partnership with Portuguese brands and represent Flama as its ambassador is no exception. The brand has a wide range of food preparation products, an area that I am passionate about. can be wonderful!“, says Catarina Gouveia.

The brand’s new bet aims to reinforce Flama’s communication and reach new audiences. The two personalities join Flama in their values ​​and way of being, reinforcing the brand’s DNA. With different styles of communication, they allow you to communicate more broadly the different products of the brand, which aim to make the routines of Portuguese families lighter, uncomplicated and fun.

According to Chef Chakall, “I have been collaborating with Flama over the last few years. Therefore, the opportunity to be one of the faces of the brand in 2022 makes perfect sense and only consolidates the proximity that already existed with the brand.

For Romeu Cascais, Marketing Director at Flama, “The partnership between Flama, Catarina Gouveia and Chef Chakall came about naturally, taking into account the journey that the brand has taken so far and the dynamism it has experienced in recent years., with an increasing commitment to communication and digital. We felt that it was time to take this step and we are convinced that it will be a successful partnership for all parties. We believe that 2022 will be a year of great challenges, where we will have the opportunity to reinforce our presence in the home of Portuguese families.”

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