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Catarina Pedrosa presents the book “Dar Voz à Alma” at the Municipal Library of Leiria

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The book “Dar Voz à Alma”, by Catarina Pedrosa, will be presented next Saturday, July 31, at 5 pm, at the Afonso Lopes Vieira Municipal Library, in Leiria.

In the author’s words, the work arose from a therapeutic need to manage emotions. “By putting my feelings, my emotions and my state of mind on paper, I was always finding enormous relief and comfort. I discovered that the soul suffers, weighs, cries, cries, smiles and loves. Following this line of reasoning, I decided to bring everything together and give it a voice so that I can express myself freely and show everyone how to do it in a simple way”, says the author.

It was a process that brought me great satisfaction for finally daring to show this side of me and share my messages with the world. If what I wrote is to help someone, even if it’s just one person, for me it’s already been worth it”, she adds.

Catarina Pedrosa was born in 1976, in Bajouca, Leiria. She currently lives in the parish of Regueira de Pontes, with which she has had a strong connection for several years. She participated in several Collections and Anthologies, in some poetry competitions, such as the Poetry Slam, and the work “Dar Voz à Alma” is her first published work.

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