Catarina Rocha present’s “Sorte”

Fnac at Colombo

Catarina Rocha is a Portuguese singer and fado singer, considered one of the soprano voices of Fado, characterized by being very melodious and crystalline. Eclectic in her way of singing, she crosses Fado, her great passion, with other musical influences.

“Sorte”, the title of his third, and most recent record work, is an album with themes of varied sounds and influences from various musical styles, from Folklore, Chulas do Minho, to African rhythms, Boleros, through Pop, and of course… our Fado!

On the more traditional side of Fado, we can find themes such as “Algemas” (performed by Amália Rodrigues) and “Não te odeio” (performed by Maria Teresa de Noronha). “Benvinda Sejas Maria” (an original by Rui Veloso), where the singer shows her eclectic voice, here with a touch of Blues.

Highlight also for “Bicadas no Fado” (the album’s single), where she addresses the theme of “turning a deaf ear”, not giving so much importance to what others think or will think. It’s a theme that, although not being fado, has fado influences. Its eared refrain “Oh parrot, have some cookies! The guys here can’t even hear you anymore!“, speaks exactly of the “parrots” we meet in our lives and who always have a criticism to make, as a rule always the same criticisms ( with worn ideas).

This theme is a partnership between Catarina Rocha (author of the song) and Pedro da Silva Martins (author of the lyrics). Catarina signs most of the original themes, but also has lyrics and compositions by Carlos Paiva, Manuel Graça Pereira and Pedro da Silva Martins.

SORTE also counts on the recovery of “Fado abananado”, a success already known by the public, which Catarina decided to integrate again in this new album. With the production of Valter Rolo, Sorte also featured Ângelo Freire (Portuguese guitar), Marino de Freitas (bass), Bernardo Viana (fado guitar), Vicky Marques (percussion), Valter Rolo (piano), and João Frade (accordion) ).

Most of the themes talk about luck, the various types of luck we look for in our life (luck in love, in gambling, in professional life, and even in health!), this is also the message that Catarina Rocha wants to convey – we wish you luck each other, that everyone can live their dreams.

Another highlight is the theme “Cupido” which refers to “I sent my cupid away, I had such bad aim, I went to try the other luck and play the lottery”, which refers to bad luck in love and the desire to be lucky in the game. This Fado song theme shows the versatility in terms of writing, adapting the themes of fado to the present time, where so many people are unlucky in love, and look for their luck in scratchcards and Euromillions.

The music video could only be colourful and fun, recalling the colours of the parrot, where the singer’s look was inspired by Frida Kahlo. It was also an innovation of the artists, to risk another genre of video clips, something she had not done before, but which has been very well received by critics, for the “explosion” of colours and the video format, quite original.

Catarina Rocha works at Fnac do Colombo, on October 22, at 6.30 pm

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