Yellow Horse Reveal “Secret”

Cavalo Amarelo, a Portuguese Pop/Rock group, are recording their first album “Segredo”.

Segredo”, is the first single of the experienced group Cavalo Amarelo, a theme that speaks of encounters and disagreements, of passion and longing. With a strong melody where the guitars assume prominence, on a strong and expressive melodic base, this theme transports listeners to a distinctly pop/rock sound.

The single was produced and mixed by Miguel Urbano (Ergonoise) and mastered by Rui Dias (Mister Master Studios).

This band from Tomar, formed in 1996 at the time, “Fé Lusitana”, edited through PolyGram the singles “Senhora Mentira” and “Estrela 2”, with the participation of musicians, Cazé (Corvos) and Carlos Moisés (Quinta do Bill), who also produced the themes together with Armando Glória.

They participated in numerous concerts, acting as a support band for Quinta do Bill, in 1997 and 1998, sharing the stage with other national bands, including: Despe e Siga, Sitiados, Xutos & Pontapés… They collaborated with Promúsica magazine, recording the song “Até ao Mar”, published in 1997, on a CD that brought together many well-known names from the national music scene, such as Silence 4. In 2001, due to the unavailability of its members, the band ended, but the desire to continue making music was always present.

After two decades, all the elements of the initial formation come together to record the new album, with a new name, with a new image – Cavalo Amarelo

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