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New Season 23/24 – A Common Ground and Carte Blanche to Pedro Carneiro #4 // Marathon: 24 hours of Music

CCB . 24 June. 10:00 am to 6:00 am . several spaces

The Centro Cultural de Belém presents the 2023-2024 Season’s program on June 24th with an Open Doors Day, filled with lots of music, activities, and experiences that will allow the public to know inside and out the corners of the CCB and the intense upcoming programming.

On this day, Pedro Carneiro’s Carta Blanca comes to an end, with a 24-hour music marathon, between 10 am and 6 am (on June 25). The program of this Musical Marathon will have a traditional dawn piper to mark the beginning of the day of the party, a musical score inspired by a constellation, six simultaneous concerts to visit and listen to at your own pace, an orchestra where any member of the public can participate upon registration and a 5-hour concert to listen into the early hours of the morning. It will be an opportunity to feel, see and hear the CCB from the inside, traveling through its multiple spaces, architectural and acoustic, and watching the way light and sound affect its multiple spaces.

On this Open Doors day, the public will have access to special discounts for the shows that make up this new Season, which once again follows the motto Um Chão Comum. You will also have the opportunity to directly contact the CCB programmers to get to know the shows that we will host up close and in detail, in addition to workshops for children and families at the CCB Museum and Fábrica das Artes, musical entertainment at the CCB Square and other experiences, how to learn screen printing techniques live.


The programmer presents the New Season

Pedestrian Path

11:00 » Cesario Costa

12:00 » Madalena Wallenstein

15:00 » Fernando Luís Sampaio

16:00 » Beatriz Serrão

Activity at the Arts Factory

11:00 » Garden of Olives

Dance Workshop with Inês Tarouca, based on the exhibition O Peculiar Crime do Estranho Sr. Hyacinth

Activities at the CCB Museum

Workshop for families with pinhole machines

Outdoor space w/ entry to the Museum for photo development (free activity with paid entry to the Museum), time to be confirmed

Guided flash visits (20 min) to works in the Museum (entrance fee to the Museum), time to be confirmed

DJ Miguel Torga

18:30 » 00:30 CCB Square

Food trucks

12:00 » 01:00 CCB Square

CCB ticket office

10:00 » 23:30

CCB Museum

10:00 » 22:00

The magic of pinhole photography

15:00 » 19:00 for families

The challenge we propose to our visitors is that they discover the CCB through photography. For this, we will have several pinhole cameras that will allow photographic recordings without resorting to new technologies. Afterward, and already inside the CCB Museum, this image will be developed in the laboratory. With magical liquids, we will get surprising results!

Book release
Why Weren’t There Great Women Artists?, by Linda Nochlin

17.00 » Presentation by Fernanda Fragateiro, Isabel Botelho, Alice Geirinhas and Carina Correia

Short visits

These guided tours allow an approach to some of the artists from different periods of art history represented in the Berardo Collection, establishing a unifying narrative that centers around the object.

17:30 Duchamp and the readymade (Level 2)

18:00 Disconnected objects in Aphrodisiac White Telephone, by Salvador Dalí (2nd floor)

18:30 Appropriation of the object in pop culture (Level 2)

19:00 Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Plants — concept and object (Floor -1)

19:30 Carl Andre and the purity of the object (Floor -1)

20:00 The ephemeral — Jannis Kounellis (Floor -1)

20:30 Assemblage at Peter Blake (floor -1, exhibition “From Feet to Head”)

21:00 Materials Lab, by Fernanda Fragateiro (Floor 0)

South Garage

10:00 » 22:00

11:00 » Classroom Assembly: Anti-racism. By the FACA collective.

White Carte to Pedro Carneiro | #4 – Marathon: 24 hours of music

Several simultaneous concerts, in various spaces at the CCB (some unusual ones!), between 10.00 on the 24th of June and 6.00 am on the 25th

10:00: Alvorada and Harmonica and Drums | Tiago Morais and Ricardo Brito (Bagpipe Association), Pedro Carneiro and Percussion Group of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra | Path Jose Saramago

11:00: Meditation | Participatory Orchestra | CCB Square

2:30 pm » 4:30 pm: Itineraries | Violin Sofia Ruivo, Violin Beatriz Morais, Viola João Abreu, Cello Henrique Constância, Percussion João Carlos Pacheco, Percussion Paulo Amendoeira, Percussion Rafael Picamilho, Percussion Tomás Moita, Percussion João Braga Simões, Flute Rui Borges Maia, Clarinet bass Ana Maria Santos, Toy piano Joana Gama
Simultaneous concerts at Jardim das Oliveiras, Cubo Praça CCB, Escada Espiral Museu CCB, Sala Luís de Freitas Branco, and Foyer Grand Auditorium

17:00: Madrigals by Carlo Gesuldo | Vocals Caelestes | Foyer Grand Auditorium

19:00: Pleiades by Iannis Xenakis | Portuguese Chamber Orchestra Percussion Group | Grand Auditorium Stage

21:00: The Art of Fugue by Sebastian Bach | Portuguese Chamber Orchestra String Quartet | Luís de Freitas Branco Room

23:00: Life is always preferable, or the salt monologue to complete the measure by Miguel Azguime | black box

01:00 » 06:00: For Philip Guston by Morton Feldman | Flute Rui Borges Maia, Piano Joana Gama, Percussion Pedro Carneiro | Module 1 reception

15:00 » 18:00: Rádio Renascença in a live broadcast from Praça CCB

Filipa Galrão and Teresa Oliveira da Renascença will conduct a special broadcast, live on CCB, with highlights from the 2023-2024 Season – Um Chão Comum.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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