CEiiA launches program for new generation of sustainability leaders

The Engineering and Product Development Center (CEiiA) intends to create from Portugal a new generation of leaders who value knowledge and technology in favor of the quality of life and sustainability of the planet, in partnership with Ciência Viva

The launch of the ‘Sustainable Living Innovators’ (SLI) program took place this morning and was attended by Ministers João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Environment and Climate Action, and Manuel Heitor, Science, Technology and Higher Education, within the scope of a visit to CEiiA.

“With this program, we want to motivate new generations to work on building the future based on sustainability. Today’s young people are the users of the products and services we are developing at CEiiA. When working with the new generations, we have the opportunity to interact to understand trends and ways of being with those who in the future will lead organizations and our country in favor of a sustainable planet”, says Helena Silva, of the CEiiA Board.

CEiiA selected 24 young students from various parts of the country, 12 from schools for the young edition and 12 from universities (graduate edition) to join the program and monitor its course over the next 5 years.

In the next 15 days, these 12 young edition students together with 10 professors and researchers from the universities of Algarve, Minho and Técnico in Lisbon, and involving several CEiiA leaders. they will develop knowledge about sustainability, as well as skills in research methodologies, leadership and teamwork, which will allow them to characterize a problem and develop a new concept associated with a new product or service in the area of ​​decarbonizing cities and preserving the oceans.

The graduate edition is geared towards university students, focused on the development of technical and behavioral skills, which allows them to complete all phases of the development process of a new product or service designed from sustainability (from the idea to the prototype and its valorization in the market) in the health area.

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