CEiiA will create “voluntary local carbon markets” in Portugal

CEiiA today signed a protocol with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action to promote the development of “voluntary local carbon markets” in Portugal.

This project aims to create an ecosystem that encourages consumers and companies to make decisions that lower CO2 emissions, thus creating credits that can be purchased by companies that aspire to move towards carbon neutrality.

The purchase will generate a revenue that can be used by the Municipalities in activities that also promote a green, decarbonized and circular economy, thus creating a virtuous circle, with all these transactions registered on the AYR technological platform.

“Above all, it is possible to attribute a financial value to emissions avoided by the behavior of citizens, a value that will be reinvested in the region in activities related to the green economy”, guaranteed José Rui Felizardo, President of CEiiA, stressing that “this project will thus contribute so that Portugal can achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, being in line with the ambitions of the European Union Ecological Pact”.

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