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Christmas celebration with Jimmy P. in “Natal Urbano”

Teatro Maria Matos

Jimmy P. celebrated the spirit of sharing that is highlighted every Christmas season with his “Natal Urbano” concert, he gave a warm musical hug to each of those who were at Maria Matos.

Jimmy P. has been taking “Natal Urbano” to various venues across the country and yesterday he was at Maria Matos, where he combined some of his best-known songs with Christmas songs that we all know, true classics at this time of year in the company of the Choir of Santo Amaro de Oeiras..

Jimmy P. > 2023.12.05 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

“On Fire”, “Contigo”, “Abensoado”, “Sempre que Acordares”, “Aleluia “, “Volta para Ti”, “Entre as Estrelas”, “Happy Day” “Amazing Grace”, “Hallelujah” and “A Todos um Bom Natal”, were sung by Jimmy and the Choir with the collaboration of the public, who celebrated all these songs.

But the biggest ovation and the most emotional moment was the tribute to Sara Tavares, with Jimmy mentioning “It made me believe that boys like me could be on big stages and make a living from music, make this a profession, the biggest star of our generation, Sara Tavares”, and we heard “Chamar a música” by the Choir of Santo Amaro de Oeiras.

Jimmy P. > 2023.12.05 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

With the concert coming to an end we can still hear “Leva-me a Casa”, “Girassol” and “Ano Novo”, a fantastic concert with the signature Contos da Praça.

See here the photos from Jimmy P.’s concert at Teatro Maria Matos

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