“Cenas da vida conjugal”, by Ingmar Bergman, at the Almada Festival

Play “Cenas da vida conjugal“, by Ingmar Bergman, staged by Rita Calçada Bastos, at the Almada Festival

Due to the impossibility of traveling to Portugal, the duo of creators Laida Goñi (Spain) and Txalo Toloza (Chile) were forced to cancel their participation in this year’s Festival de Almada. To replace this show, the Festival presents “Cenas da vida conjugal” (“Scenes of conjugal life”), by Ingmar Bergman, staged by Rita Calçada Bastos.

Subscription tickets that have already been delivered to Tierras del Sud can be used for this show on the corresponding day and session.

In this play, Rita Calçada Bastos reflects on a time when what appears to be real is often not, but a lens that translates the present, “in which each person has their own vision, their notion of truth, their own image of the other, but it is just a brief notion as far as what we know“, she tells us. “Being, in its entirety, is full of ugly and thin things and eatables, and that we really want to hide from us and above all from the other, from society”, she continues.

In Bergman’s text, the director found this difficulty in enduring reality. “We live under the command of our ghosts, and our reality is just that, a projection”, she concludes.

The show “Cenas da vida conjugal will be on stage at the Forum Romeu Correia, in Almada, on the 8th, 9, 10th and 11th, at 8:30 pm, and on the 10th also at 3:00 pm.

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