Census of 14 million voters starts today in Mozambique

The electoral census in Mozambique has begun today, with the Technical Secretariat of the Electoral Administration (STAE) to predict the registration of 14 million voters during a period of 46 days.

With a budget of 4,000 million meticais (55 million euros), STAE has prepared more than 8,000 posts and 5,000 brigades, which will cover the entire country by the end of May.

The electoral authorities have about 16,000 brigadistas, 6,000 civic education agents and 5,000 police officers available.

More than five thousand computers, solar panel kits and generators are also available.

The general elections are scheduled for October 15.

For the first time, besides choosing the parliament and the President of the Republic, the Mozambicans will elect the governors of the 11 provinces, which are no longer appointed by the central power.

STAE’s spokesman, Claudio Langa, previously mentioned that all conditions were created for “the start of the electoral census, both material and human conditions.

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