Poceirão Cultural Center celebrates S. Martinho

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To mark S. Martinho, the Cultural Center of Poceirão promotes on November 10th and 13th, a musical entertainment by the “Raiz Lusa” Group and the visual arts workshop “Jardins de Palmela: Oficina da Vinha e do Vinho”, respectively .

The “Raiz Lusa” will go to the Cultural Center of Poceirão on November 10, at 9 pm, for a musical entertainment that will feature the special participation of Rancho Folclórico de Poceirão and roasted chestnuts for the audience.

Composed by Filipe Silva, Paulo Navarro and Manu Teixeira, the Group presents, in its repertoire, themes by Amália Rodrigues (Oh Minha Rosinha, Malhão d’Águeda and Valentim) or Alentejo cante fashions (Ceifeira, Erva Cidreira, Lírio Roxo and Quero go to Altinho).

This initiative, with free entry, is organized by the Municipality of Palmela, the Union of Parishes of Poceirão and Marateca and the associative movement.

On the 13th, between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm, the Cultural Center of Poceirão will host the visual arts workshop “Jardins de Palmela”, which aims to explore the theme of vineyards and wine as identity elements of the parishes of Poceirão and Marateca. Guided by Ana Nogueira, this workshop is free of charge, with prior reservation (limited spaces) and is organized by the Municipality with Ana Nogueira (support from Adega Filipe Palhoça).

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