Vaccination Center Covid-19 of Bragança prepared to receive users

The Covid-19 Vaccination Center, installed by the Municipality of Bragança in the Arnaldo Pereira Municipal Pavilion, is ready to receive the first vaccination users, who will be called according to the priorities defined by the competent entities.

This is another investment that the Municipality is making to combat the pandemic, within the scope of the Municipal Civil Protection Service, which seeks not only to guarantee a safe vaccination for citizens, but also the best conditions of work for health professionals”, says Hernâni Dias, Mayor of Bragança, stressing that “these facilities guarantee the best conditions of safety, accessibility, and comfort for all”.

The Center is able to receive between 600 and 800 people for vaccination daily, but this number will always be dependent on the availability of vaccines by the competent entities.

Citizens sent to the Vaccination Center Covid-19 in Bragança will follow a marked, one-way route, with several areas, including:

  1. Reception/Admission Room, for referring users, at the entrance to the Pavilion;
  2. Waiting room (pre-vaccination), where there is a place to wait for your turn, with conditions to also accommodate people with reduced mobility;
  3. Four Individual Vaccination Rooms, with all the necessary conditions for the vaccination act and guarantee of privacy;
  4. Surveillance Room (post-vaccination), where users already vaccinated will be accompanied by health professionals for a period of 30 minutes. This space has quick access to an infirmary, in case emergency care is needed, and to the outside;
  5. Sanitary facilities, with access from the waiting and surveillance rooms.

The infrastructures of this Center also include technical areas for health professionals, such as a room for preparing vaccines, with all the necessary equipment for this purpose, an emergency ward, for the provision of health care, changing rooms and rest areas. .

Before starting functions, the Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Bragança received a technical inspection by the competent authorities, which authorized and verified the compliance with all the rules imposed by the Directorate-General for Health for this purpose.

It should also be noted that the Municipality of Bragança, in conjunction with the Parish Councils and Unions of the municipality and the Northeast Local Health Unit, is ensuring the transport of rural users eligible for this vaccination phase.

The Covid-19 Vaccination Center of Bragança represents, for the Municipality, an investment of 48,154.50 euros, to which is added about 12 thousand euros spent, so far, only on the transport of rural users.

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