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Cerdeira is a magical place. At the entrance, a small bridge invites us to meet a handful of houses that lurk through the foliage. We seem to be crossing a portal into a fantasy world. Everything looks perfect in this deeply romantic setting. The slate floor guides us along a path to a fountain in the middle of lush greenery.

Between sloping slopes torn by water lines that plunge from the top, the Cerdeira nestles in the most bucolic surrounding. This is a village that art and creativity helped to refound. In fact, at certain times of the year, this village is animated by themed meetings that combine art and botany.

Cerdeira is today a place of artistic creation, through international artistic residencies, training workshops and small creative experiences, in short, a place for creative retreats, well-being, taking advantage of its natural wealth, the silence and of all the infrastructures we have developed to make this possible: the lodgings, the Casa das Artes, the ateliers, the Library, the Gallery, the Community Oven, the Café da Videira. We also host annually (July) the festival “Elementos à Solta – Art meets Nature”, which brings together contemporary creators from different areas and transforms the village into an open-air art gallery.

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