Cervejeiros de Portugal launch Guide “Cervejeiros em Portugal 2020-2021”

The Cervejeiros de Portugal Association has just published a Guide for Brewers in Portugal, which resulted from the mapping of the best that is done in the 18 districts and islands in terms of beer, promoting national, industrial, and craft brewers.

The result was the gathering of more than 100 producers and their beer brands, demonstrating the capillarity of this value chain, as well as the determination of brewers and microbrewers who develop, in the name of the sector, a variety of flavors and aromas, always with freshness and quality in the common denominator, in every corner of Portugal.

In addition to the entrepreneurship and innovation evident in the growth of the sector, the Guide “Cervejeiros em Portugal 2020-2021”, also illustrates the diversity of the beer offer, having mapped the beer brands that can be tasted in many Brewpubs and Tap Rooms in Portugal.

In many of them there is the possibility of making or scheduling visits, or combining beer consumption with dining spaces, to celebrate the beer culture.

Beer is the greatest symbol of conviviality and sharing, beer production being an ancestral art that reached thousands of years ago in Lusitanian lands and which is increasingly present in the world today. It is now possible to access a guide where you can find all these brands and know where and how to visit them, across the country.

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