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César Mourão with great musical debut

Sagres Campo Pequeno

Cesar Mourão is best known for improvisation, stand-up shows, actor, and as a presenter, but music has always been part of his life, and it was to a full house, that he presented the themes of his first album“Talvez não seja nada”.

The multi-faceted artist couldn’t ask for more, Campo Pequeno was packed to see him at the debut of his new phase, a singer, and he even had the company of his great friend António Zambujo and Juliana Anjos, whom César “discovered” in Ídolos.

César Mourão > Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.04.15

In this concert, in addition to music, there was also humor, bus seats, thunderstorms and a lot of rain, stories, and even a marriage proposal, César after presenting his songs in Lisbon, he now goes to Porto, which will receive him on the 28th at the Super Bock Arena.

It was with “Recados” and “Cavalinho” that the concert began, in a bus environment, with benches and hanging supports, so that whoever was on stage could hold on. Still, it wasn’t necessary, excellent musicians and choir were giving them all support for a singer who is an excellent way delighting the public with his songs, and who never denied him applause.

César Mourão > Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.04.15

César then thanked everyone for their presence, and mentions “It’s not even for the applause, it’s for coming to something that you have no idea what it is” and adds “The album has 20 minutes out there and you came, it’s an incredible thing”.

Mourão was joined by stories, comments, and jokes, as only he, a master of improvisation, knows how to do, and there were many laughs, which were heard, followed by “Odete“, his neighbor when he was a child, who pierced all the balls that fall in her backyard, César jokes that “After 30 years I killed her in a song” while we can watch the video, which features Gisela João, where we can see the wake of “Odete” and César turned into a gangster.

César Mourão > Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.04.15

This is followed by “Alice“, by Miguel Araújo and from the film “Canção de Lisboa”, and then the story of César’s grandparents, “Balada dos Meus Avós”, which was sung in a duet with Juliana Anjos.

“Talvez” which was entitled to a huge thunderstorm and rain served as an entry for his friend António Zambujo, and César says “I know you all came here because of this moment”, and adds in a joking tone “It all started when ‘zambas’ called me to ask if he could come”.

César Mourão > Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.04.15

Seguiu-se o tema “Pequena loja” que o “Zambas” escolheu para cantar com o César e conta a história de uma loja em Ponte da Barca, tão pequena onde só cabe a dona, depois cantam “Não deixe o samba morrer”, na companhia de Diogo Duque no trompete, sempre bem humorados, acabaram a interromper a musica, a rir, enquanto ao cantavam ao despique.

Foi durante o tema “1947“, uma musica de amor, que jovem foi ao palco pedir a namorada em casamento, segue-se “Só a Rita” e “Savoir Faire” em que, apedido de César Mourão, coloca o Campo Pequeno todo dizer ““, e assim o concerto caminhava para o fim, foi com “Rosebud“, “Não queiras saber de Mim” de Rui Veloso e “Talvez” para com todos a cartar, terminar esta noite super divertida.

The theme “Pequena loja” followed, which “Zambas” chose to sing with César and tells the story of a shop in Ponte da Barca, so small that only the owner can fit in, then they sing “Não deixe o samba morrer”, in the company of Diogo Duque on the trumpet, always in a good mood, they ended up interrupting the music, laughing, while they sang on stage.

It was during the theme “1947“, a love song, that the young man went on stage to ask his girlfriend to marry him, followed by “Só a Rita” and “Savoir Faire” in which, at the request of César Mourão, he places the entire Campo Pequeno saying “ass“, and so the concert was coming to an end, it was with “Rosebud“, “Não queiras saber de Mim” by Rui Veloso and “Talvez” to end this super fun night.


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