CGD starts customized training program at ISEG Executive Education

The coordinators of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) started this week the ‘Managing for the Future’ program, the customized training solution developed by ISEG Executive Education, in close collaboration with the banking institution.

The opening session of the program was attended by Dr. Elsa Carvalho, Human Resources Director at CGD, Dr. Ana Gomes, Human Resources Coordinator at CGD, and Professors Luís Cardoso, President of ISEG Executive Education, and Ricardo Fortes da Costa, who coordinate the program.

Over the next few months, about 300 coordinators from different CGD departments will pass through ISEG Executive Education, divided by several groups, with the aim of preparing for the challenges of the future, which are imposed on the business, the sector and the company itself. team management and coordination. The program will take place in a blended format, with face-to-face and distance sessions, over 57 hours of training.

The program structure is based on three strategic pillars, namely, the vision of the future, the management and development of people and personal effectiveness. It also has a corporate challenge, which will result in group work.

The program also distinguishes itself by presenting a global follow-up, that is, it will have a 360º assessment at the beginning, so that the participants develop an individual development plan, which will be repeated about two months after the conclusion of the program, in so that participants can assess their progress, resulting in a 720º assessment.

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