Chakall and Roberto Mezzapelle conquer Parque das Nações

The month of March brought great gastronomic innovations to the capital: Chakall and Roberto Mezzapelle, one of the most surprising of the gastronomy of Lisbon since the end of 2017, has recently arrived at Parque das Nações. The first day of spring marked the official opening of L’Origine by Chakall, the pizzeria that promises to revolutionize the palate of the city!
The duo that has conquered half the world in Marvila, arrives now at Rua da Pimenta and brings to the table the flavors of the its Italian origins and the reinvention of pizza. Paraphrasing – and adapting, with due bow! – Leonard Cohen, one of the Chakall’s favorite musicians … “First we take Marvila, then we take Park of Nations”!

“We are family, we are at home, make yourself at home! “, that’s how Chakall has officially opened doors of L’Origine by Chakall, the new pizzeria in the Parque das Nations that transports to the table the Italian origins of the chef Argentine based in Portugal and by Roberto Mezzapelle, the pizzaiolo Sicilian who adopted Lisbon to surprise us with your mastery.

L’Origine by Chakall is a pizzeria with a capacity for 126 seats, divided by 3 different environments: the terrace (46 seats), the ground floor (26 seats) and the first floor (54 seats) with an amazing view to the Tagus.
Best scenario? Impossible!
Here, the mass is treated with love, left in slow maturation between 32 to 72 hours. To the artisan recipe of the pizza dough, innovative ingredients such as beets, charcoal and the mass of 7 cereals are added, which offer us a new,
Tasty and amazing dining experience. The care in the confection of the pasta as well as the chosen ingredients result in a light and easily digestible pizza but with the ancestral touch that characterizes it.

The artisanal masses are better and fresher products of the earth
in an explosion of unique flavors. THE Chakall’s creativity joins the experience of Roberto, European champion of classic and acrobatic pizza, pizzaiolo space executive and “guardian” of the furnace Italian, centerpiece and key in L’Origine by Chakall, produced in a artisanal and in the same way since 1959, in the same factory that produces the kilns firewood for the best pizzerias in the world all.
Because the space is so complete you can choose one of the 3 spaces for the meal or to snack. You have a Tagliere di Roberto and Chakall, a board composed of cheese, salami Milan, Parma ham, Italian Mortadella, Olives from Campo Maior and pizza bread. Ideal for 2 people (€ 19.50). You can accompany one of the appetizers suggested in the menu: Bellini, White Fernet with Cola, Aperol Spritz, Tonic Port or the amazing

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