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Chalo Correia | Bartô

Born in Luanda, Angola, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and lyricist, Chalo has spent more than 20 years at the pace of semba, kazukuta and rumba, always with his contemporary vision. He moved to Portugal in the 1990s and released his debut album, Kudihohola, in June 2015. It was with Kimbundo, meaning recovery or restart, that Chalo starts over by revisiting Angola’s old rhythms. In 2016 Kudihohola was named best popular music album at the Angolan Music Awards.

The organic and explosive sounds of semba, rivita, rumba and kazucuta are presented to us in their peculiar way of writing songs and their lyrics are inspired by their memories of Africa, mixed with the multicultural environment of Lisbon. Feel the magic of Angolan singer-songwriter at Bartô, January 22, from 10:30 pm.

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