Charging of electric vehicles should be 10 to 20% less than diesel

Users of electric vehicles expect that their cars will average 10-20% lower than the price of diesel, the association that represents them said today.

On the day four marketers progressed with the conditions for fast vehicle loading, due to start on November 1st, the president of the association of electric vehicle users (UVE), Henrique Sanchez, commented that the price for to keep vehicles with combustion engines still superior.

“We have always maintained that electric charging should be done at home, and, if this is not possible, it should be done in the public network and in this, it should be done in normal stations (up to 22 kilowatts) in public parks and in large areas,”.

The fast cargo “is for travel and emergency”. “By our accounts it could be 10 to 20% cheaper [the electric vehicle shipments] than diesel in average terms,” ​​he said.

The publication today also of prices of the operators of the fast loading stations [PCR] was qualified by the person in charge of “positive point”, the kick off “.

“We were waiting for the end of the pilot phase and the beginning of the commercial phase for a year and a half. It becomes a business, it becomes interesting for an investor,” he said.

In the announced tariffs there are numerous modalities, such as charging per minute or per kilowatt hour, the activation fee, or not, said the leader, welcoming the lack of contribution to the audiovisual, as well as “for now” the DGEG rate – General Directorate of Energy and Geology and the tariff of the management entity.

“And then we still have the energy price of each of the CEME [Electricity Marketer for Electric Mobility],” said Sanchez, indicating that the sum of all the installments will give a final price.

The leader underlined the need for the choice in the next few days of a CEME to have the card to access the fast charging network.

PCRs allow an 80% battery charge in 20 to 30 minutes.

According to information from the guardianship, regarding the incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, there were 1,400 applications received in the automobile and 83 excluded, while in the applications for motorcycles and mopeds 28 applications were registered and the exclusion of three.

In none of the typologies are there any applications on the waiting list, according to the consultation of the environmental fund portal today.

“After awarding 1,000 incentives in one of the categories (cars or motorcycles / mopeds), the remaining applications that have been submitted in this category are now on the waiting list,” he added in the portal, adding that “if not the maximum number of incentives has been allocated to one of the previous categories, the unallocated amount will be transferred to the other category, with the incentive being awarded to eligible applications which are on the waiting list. ”

The start of the PCR payment was officially scheduled for July 2017.

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