Check beach occupancy status using the ‘Posso ir?’ app

'Posso ir?' App is available for free on iOS and Android versions.

With the beginning of the bathing season, on the 6th of June, it will be necessary to redouble the attention to respect the social distance and make a safe use of the beaches. In this sense, before planning to go to a beach, it will be essential to be informed about your occupation status.

The Portuguese Environment Agency already has an app, Info Praia, which will be the official application, but ‘Posso ir?’ and Deco Proteste, within the scope of Tech4Covid19, have another proposal that aims to provide information to users.

The data on the level of occupation of the beaches are provided by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), based on the information presented by the respective beach concessionaires.

The application benefited from the funding of Fundação Gulbenkian and Fundação EDP, inserted in the projects to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

Through the app, users can consult and report the occupancy level of commercial establishments and public spaces, thus avoiding visits to those with the highest turnout. According to the entities, the application started to work in a community way, based only on information reported by users.

The project now has the participation of the establishments themselves. To this end, space managers register, free of charge, and regularly report occupancy levels and opening hours.

In addition to the official information on the beach occupancy rate, the app also reports on the water quality level, the history of occupation, data on the existence of the blue flag, as well as the respective surveillance, among other available infrastructures. Colorblind users can benefit from visual indicators to aid navigation.


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