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Chef Vasco Coelho Santos is in Mozambique on an expedition in search of the true flavor of solidarity

As part of the Cook4Moz project

Chef Vasco Coelho Santos is in Mozambique until the 13th of May with Health4Moz (Health 4 Mozambican Children and Families). The renowned Chef went on an expedition in search of the true flavour of solidarity. During these days he will be on the ground to get to know the products and gastronomy better, get in touch with local chefs and visit the markets.

This trip by Chef Vasco Coelho Santos takes place within the framework of the Cook4Moz solidarity project, an initiative that aims to raise funds so that Health4Moz can continue on the ground to help the Mozambican people.

On the 11th, 12th and 13th of May, the Chef will get to know the gastronomy of Maputo visiting markets, some cooks and typical dishes.


Taking advantage of his stay in Mozambique and all the knowledge acquired, Chef Vasco Coelho Santos will organize a Solidarity Dinner at the Hotel Montebello Indy (Casino de Espinho), on the 23rd of June, in which he will reinterpret Mozambican cuisine. the presence of one of the gastronomic references in Mozambique, Chef Carlos Graça. The funds raised revert to Health4Moz.

About Health4MOZ:
Health 4 Mozambican Children and Families (Health4MOZ) is a non-profit association.

Its objective is to teach, and transmit knowledge of excellence to students and professionals in Mozambique, as it believes that the transmission of knowledge and training are the great assets that improve societies and move the world. Health4MOZ’s work is entirely voluntary, pro bono, in a spirit of true scientific solidarity. Its activity is credited to protocols signed in Portugal with the academy (faculties), the largest hospitals in the country and the Doctor’s order. It also has the support, depending on the training areas, of Portuguese Scientific Societies and the recognition and support of the Directorate-General for Health, the Secretary of State for Cooperation, the Portuguese Embassy in Maputo and the Presidency of the Republic.

Nationwide, he has taught more than 2,500 medical, dental and nursing students; trained more than 10,000 doctors, nurses, and dentists; supported more than 3 dozen internships of Mozambican professionals in Portuguese institutions and as many Portuguese professionals in Mozambique; supported research projects and national congresses in Mozambique, in the area of health. Rebuilt Beira Central Hospital, severely damaged by Cyclone Idai in March 2019.

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