Chiado Comedy Club with an evening dedicated to dark humor

A night dedicated to dark humor took place yesterday at Teatro do Bocage in Lisbon

Through the corridors of the darkest comedy nights, the famous humor nights of the Chiado Comedy Club were created, where a group of comedians was born who have a common love: dark humor.

Host Tiago Paixão invited Carlos D’Moura, Afonso Barroso, Miguel Sousa, Douglas Alexandre, Mike Pires, Raphael Santos and Hugo Schepens de Melo for an evening where there were no limits inside the Teatro do Bocage.

The comedians baptized the stage as sacred ground, where there were no taboos and the “inconvenient truths” were told. Everything was approached without limits and without scruples, having as main themes death, social discrimination, illness, violence, homophobia, among other things. Why cry for disgrace if we can laugh at it?

You can see more performances from the Chiado Comedy Club, more info here.

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