Chiado Museum is due to open in 2020 in Chaves

The permanent exhibition of the decentralized pole of Chaves of the National Museum of Contemporary Art – Chiado Museum is due to be inaugurated in 2020, the Secretary of State for Culture said today.

This decentralized centre will be installed in the Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art, in the city of Chaves, Vila Real district, cultural equipment inaugurated in July 2016 that honours the artist from the Transmontano region and was designed by the architect Siza Vieira.

The Secretary of State for Culture, Ângela Ferreira, said that the protocol of collaboration will be signed in June and that, by the end of the year, a travelling exhibition will be opened at the Nadir Afonso Museum with pieces from the Chiado Museum collection.

The official, who spoke after a first working meeting with the mayor of Chaves and the director of the Museu Nadir Afonso, added that in 2020, the permanent exhibition of the decentralized centre will be inaugurated. Chiado Museum.

Meanwhile, a technical work will be developed between the municipality, the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North (DRCN) and the curators of the Chiado Museum, which will determine the works that will be exhibited at the Museu Nadir Afonso.

“It is also important to realize, as the Minister said a few days ago, that there are many museums throughout the country with technical conditions that are far superior to many of the museums that we have in the big urban centres and that have much lower collections, “he said.

Therefore, he added, it is necessary to “increase them, give them more quality and greater robustness“. “And this is part of our strategy of decentralizing and democratizing access to culture, that is, bringing culture to the whole country and to the entire population,” he said.

The mayor of Chaves, Nuno Vaz, said that the municipality was soon available to host a polo of the Museum of Chiado, ensuring that the Nadir Afonso Museum has all the “physical conditions, exhibition spaces, security and necessary to accommodate works of some size “.

There is a collection of public and private collections of paintings, sculptures and other very important works of art that it is important to make known to other public, in this case, the interior,” he said.

At the same time, he pointed out, it is giving “more relevance” to the network of museums that exists throughout the country.

The head of DRCN was also present at today’s meeting in Lisbon, an organization that will help in the design of the project.

The Chiado Museum will also have an exhibition space in the Pelourinho Palace, in Golegã (Santarém), where the estate of the painter Veloso Salgado will be transferred.

The Secretary of State for Culture said that “there are more projects” that are being planned, namely for the Alentejo area, where another pole of the Chiado Museum may be installed.

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