Chicago on stage until March 2020

The success with the public dictated the extension of the season for another 3 months, remaining on the scene until March 29.

CHICAGO premiered last September 11 and has since counted 55 practically sold-out performances with about 22,000 viewers.

Starring Gabriela Barros, Miguel Raposo and Soraia Tavares, the Portuguese adaptation of one of the greatest hits of the musical theatre, was performed by Diogo Infante and has been the subject of consensus and praise from critics and the public since the first. day.

“Chicago reminds us, after all, how spectacularizing can be a powerful instrument.”
Gonçalo Fleet, Public

“It takes the genre to one of its exponents on national stages. (…) Everyone in the right place at the right time, so that even non-music fans will be rocked by two hours of well-sung songs with a well-told story, making perfect sense in the age of fake news.”
Gisela Piçarra, Saturday

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