Chico César takes love to the Capitólio

The Brazilian singer returned to Portugal and was at the Capitólio in Lisbon, and ineews was there, with him he brought love, wonderful melodies but also the anti-fascist struggle, where of course this weekend’s elections in Brazil were also highlighted.

Francisco César Gonçalves, known as Chico César, born in the interior of Paraíba, was at the Capitólio in Lisbon, for a concert in which the message and music are king and queen that go hand in hand, a message of love, which also intends to create consciousness, to the world around us.

Chico César > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.29

A declared supporter of Lula, he also uses his music to create awareness of the fascist danger that befalls so many countries in the world.

Chico César is one of the greats of Brazilian music, he studied journalism, a fact that helps to explain his special ability with words. His new album ‘Vestido de Amor‘, recorded in Paris and presented in Portugal, reflects on the world and its dangers, but always with a positive outlook.

His best-known themes, too, were not forgotten, accompanied by an audience of fans, who sang, danced and celebrated with him a positive message, and musical happiness throughout the concert.

1. Béradêro (Chico César)
2. Mama África (Chico César)
3. À Primeira Vista (Chico César)
4. Vestido de Amor (Chico César)
5. Amorinha (Chico César)
6. Flor do Figo (Chico César)
7. Deus me Proteja (Chico César)
8. Pausa (Chico César)
9. Sobre Humano (Chico César / Salif Keita Chico César)
10. Corra Linda (Chico César)
11. Pedrada (Chico César)
12. Bolsominions (Chico César)
13. Xangô Forró e Ai (Chico César / Ray Lema Chico César)
14. Pedra de Responsa (Chico César)

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