Chico da Tina and Tripsyhell reveal collaborative project, “EUROTAPE”

After releasing the collaborative EP “LoveTape” on Valentine’s Day in 2021, Chico & Tripsy, i.e. Chico da Tina and Tripsyhell, are once again joining forces for a new joint album, entitled “EUROTAPE”.

This new album by the duo of rappers from the North aims to expand the adept mass, especially through partnerships they developed with other artists, among them Jacin Trill, a sound name in the Netherlands and with international repercussions. yani5000 and 3000Kilo are other artists who have special appearances in this “EUROTAPE”, thus joining forces with the already very unique styles of Chico da Tina and Tripsyhell.

The name of the project, EUROTAPE, also comes from this intention to unite and aggregate the various genres of urban music that is made throughout Europe.

Chico da Tina and Tripsyhell will certainly heat up the dance floors all summer long with this new project, “EUROTAPE”.

Tracklist of EUROTAPE:
  • Eurofunk (intro) (ft Yani5000)
  • Fada
  • Alguma vez (ft 3000 Kilo)
  • Special
  • Victan (Jacin Trill)
  • Finalmente famoso
  • Eu não tenho culpa (ft Jacin Trill)
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