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Children’s Theater | Malaposta

Poetry and Childhood are somehow synonymous and Alexandre Dale‘s poems are for eating, smelling, touching and singing.

Drawing on unpublished poems by Alexandre Dale, a two-time author awarded the Cidade de Almada Literary Prize, the Company created a show particularly aimed at early childhood.

It’s something like this: Once upon a time there was a lace girl … who had a cloud, and once there was a piano tuner (who was a poem tuner at the bottom) who had a black hat and a briefcase Wee girl full of ears. REVERSE is a spectacle about poetry that is in itself (…) a poem. A little poem that serves to show children poetry. ”[Sarah Adamopoulos, journalist]

Theater | Malaposta Cultural Center | Experimental Room
December 4th through December 8th
Wednesday to Friday – 10:30 am and 3:00 pm [sessions for schools by appointment] Saturdays – 4 pm | Sunday – 11am
5 € to 8 € | 30 MINUTES | M / 4

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