Choreographer Clara Andermatt debuts ‘Looks like the World’ on November 22

The show ‘It seems that the World’, a co-creation of the choreographer Clara Andermatt with the musician João Lucas, who speaks about the position of the human being in relation to the world, opens on November 22 at the São Luiz Municipal Theater in Lisbon.

The show is directed by Clara Andermatt, scenography by Artur Pinheiro and costumes by Ana Direito, light drawing by José Álvaro Correia and electronic soundtrack by Jonas Runa.

In the interpretation are Ana Moreno, Felix Lozano, Gil Dionísio, Joana Guerra, João Madeira, Jolanda Löellmann, and Liliana Garcia.

Clara Andermatt indicated that the new choreographic piece “It seems that the World”, is inspired in the book “Palomar”, of Italo Calvino.

“It speaks of our relationship with others, and with what surrounds us. It speaks of our position in relation to our integration as individuals in the world,” he said.

According to the choreographer, the book had already been talked about for a long time by musician John Lucas: “I had read this book and decided to start from it as an inspiration.”

“The book is of great richness of language, of metaphors, of sound images, of motion, of light. It is a description of the world in its broadest aspect of the relation to the universe, to the infinite, to the most detailed detail” , he described.

In this 14th creation where he works with João Lucas, they ended up going “a little bit further in the creative experiences, to have a blurring of those boundaries of who makes the music, and who makes the movement”.

“I got into the music field a lot, and Joao goes into the choreographic field,” he said, adding that this piece has a cast of four dancers and three musicians, “and everyone goes sailing in this performative environment that does not disassociate a thing of the other “.

Clara Andermatt pointed out that ‘It seems that the World’ was a creation “launched from the beginning with the principle of being based on this premise of very deep interconnection” between movement and music.

João Lucas, pointed out that, from the beginning, the focus of the relationship between music and dance has been growing from one piece to another, “over the past fourteen collaborations.

“Clara Andermatt has always been a choreographer with a very particular attention for the musical expression and the relation between the choreographic theme, the movement and the musical universe,” he added.

He also emphasized that “each work tends to look for new territories, not to repeat what was done, and the pieces are all quite different from each other.”

On stage, all performers – four women and three men – “are, in a tendency, indistinct, performers whose specialties tend to be diluted in a hybrid language”, accompanied by a violin, a cello and a double bass, according to the company.

Clara Andermatt was born in Lisbon in 1963, studied dance with Luna Andermatt and graduated from the London Studio Center and the Royal Academy of Dancing in London.

Between 1984 and 1988, he was part of the Lisbon Dance Company, directed by Rui Horta, and in 1989-91 of Companhia Metros, in Barcelona, directed by Ramón Oller.

With his own company since 1991, he has created and produced numerous works, among them ‘Dançar Cabo Verde’ (1994), ‘Magnetic Anomalies’ (1995), ‘Cemitério Dos Prazeres’ (1996), ‘Natural’ Spot ‘(2006),’ And They Dangled Forever ‘(2007),’ My Sky ‘(2008) and’ Void ‘(2009).

João Lucas was born in 1964, in Lisbon, he is a pianist, composer and researcher, having graduated in piano at the National Conservatory of Lisbon. He participated, as composer, in more than seventy pieces of theater and dance.

He has been living in Brasília since 2010 and holds a Masters degree in Arts from the University of Brasília, in the research line of Compositional Processes for the Scene.

The show is produced by ACCCA – Companhia Clara Andermatt, with the support of O Espaço do Tempo, Musibéria, Victor Studios, Jazzy Dance Studios, Cascais Play bowling, in a co-production of São Luiz Municipal Theater, Porto Municipal Theater and Louletano Cinema .

The premiere is scheduled for November 22, 23 and 25, in São Luiz, with circulation scheduled for 2019, at the Teatro Municipal do Porto.

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