Company Barbixas with Mário Bomba and Gustavo Miranda in “Improvavel”

Special guests for shows in Portugal

Anderson Bizzocchi, Daniel Nascimento and Elidio Sanna; the Co. Barbixas, announce two national guests for their six shows in June, in Portugal. Mario Bomba (Os Improváveis) will be the master of ceremonies and Gustavo Miranda (Commedia à La Carte) will be the guest star.

The Brazilian Co. Barbixas is no longer a novelty for the Portuguese public, more than 10 thousand people have already seen and sold out national theaters to see Improvável, a show that was born in 2007 but is always different – without a network or script. The scenes are created on the spot and based on ideas launched by the audience. The great ability of the actors to make people of all ages laugh, making it a show for families, has been projecting Cia. Barbixas is one of the main names in Brazilian improvisation, with more and more invitations to perform outside his country. Next June will be no exception; The Co. Barbixas will make the Portuguese laugh again.

Improvável, is based on the format of improv games, where a master of ceremonies presents the rules and chooses a theme suggested by the audience, leading the actors to improvise scenes, without any previous preparation. In addition to audience collaborations, Improvável will feature, as usual, with two guest actors.

Many names in humor have performed with Cia Barbixas; Fábio Porchat, Marco Luque, Rafinha Bastos, Jose Luiz Saldanha (Mexico), and of course, the great César Mourão (Portugal), among others. This year, in Portugal, the responsibility falls on Mário Bomba (from Os Improvaveis), as master of ceremonies and Gustavo Miranda (Columbia) from Commedia à La Carte, as “player”.

In 2010, the Cia. Barbixas Youtube channel, which has 3 million subscribers and around 15 million clicks per month, was already on the list of the 100 most viewed web series in the world. But nothing like seeing it live; 10th and 11th in Porto, 12th in Coimbra, 15th in Braga, and 17th and 18th in Lisbon. There are no excuses to miss out!

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