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Sexta Maior Cycle

This cycle of concerts on Fridays at 9 pm will take the public on a journey from ancient music to the music of our days.

Drumming GP ▪ João Costa Ferreira ▪ Sete Lágrimas ▪ Ian Bostridge and Luís Duarte ▪ DSCH – Schostakovich Ensemble ▪ Quarteto Leipzig ▪ Os Músicos do Tejo ▪ Divino Sospiro ▪ Concerto Italiano

In this cycle, we will have Monteverdi’s IV Book of Madrigals performed by the Concerto Italiano and directed by Rinaldo Alessandrini. Os Sete Lágrimas presents new villains about 16th-century Portuguese poetry, by Gil Vicente, Bernardim Ribeiro and Pêro de Andrade Caminha, among other authors.

Divino Sospiro presents us with excerpts from operas, serenades and oratorios from the 18th century by Portuguese composers, who were decisive in the affirmation of musical language in the Baroque period, in parallel with the music of European composers of the same period. The Tagus Musicians present a program with baroque repertoire that includes the absolute premiere of the Barroca Suite, by composer Filipe Raposo, inspired by the most common dances of that period.

Tenor Ian Bostridge and pianist Luís Duarte take us on a bucolic journey through the lied, through Schubert’s Bela Moleira. The tastes of Lisbon society at the end of the 19th century are the starting point for João Costa Ferreira’s piano recital with works, among other composers, by Vianna da Motta and Chopin.

The Leipzig Quartet presents works by Joly Braga Santos, and Shostakovich and a premiere work by composer António Pinho Vargas. The DSCH – Schostakovich Ensemble dedicates a recital to Schostakovich’s chamber music and Drumming presents, at the beginning of this cycle, a program dedicated to the music of the composer Luís Tinoco.

1st concert:

6 October, Friday, 9pm, Small Auditorium
Archipelago – Drumming Percussion Group


  • Luís Tinoco (b. 1969)
  • Short Cuts (F)
  • Mind the Gap
  • Steel Factory
  • Archipelago
  • Spiralling
  • Genetically Modified Fados

Artistic sheet:

  • Composition Luís Tinoco
  • Music Drumming Percussion Group [Miquel Bernat, André Dias, Pedro Góis, João Tiago and Pedro Oliveira]
  • Sound design and operation Suse Ribeiro
  • Light design and operation Emanuel Pereira
  • Musical direction Miquel Bernat
  • ARTWAY Production

ARCHIPELAGO presents live works recorded on the CD of the same name, which was released in 2019 by the North American label Odradek. An album that won the Play Awards for best classical/erudite music CD in 2019 and received the best national and international reviews.

This project is the result of a long collaboration between composer Luís Tinoco and the Drumming Grupo de Percussão and presents works for a wide range of instrumental combinations, from solos to percussion quartets and trios to percussion quintets with electronics.

Remaining cycle programming:

November 10: PIANO RECITAL

  • JOÃO COSTA FERREIRA > Romantic Florilegium
  • Works by Vianna da Motta, Chopin, Antonio Fragoso and Joly Braga Santos

December 15: EARLY MUSIC

  • SETE LÁGRIMAS > Folia Nova – New Old Music about Portuguese Poetry from the 15th and 16th centuries


  • IAN BOSTRIDGE AND LUÍS DUARTE > Schubert’s The Beautiful Miller

February 16: CHAMBER MUSIC

  • DSCH – SCHOSTAKOVICH ENSEMBLE > Schostakovich and Stalin
    Schostakovich’s works


  • LEIPZIG QUARTET > The Sound of Silence
    Works by Joly Braga Santos, Pinho Vargas and Schostakovich


  • THE MUSICIANS OF TEJO > Suite (a + b) – Suites by baroque composers and Filipe Raposo
  • Musical direction Marcos Magalhães and Marta Araújo
  • Works by J.S. Bach, Lully, Marais, Destouches and Filipe Raposo


  • DIVINE SOSPIRO > Della Gloria and Dell’Onore
  • Sopranos Ana Quintans, Rita Filipe
  • Musical direction Massimo Mazzeo
  • Works by Bononcini, Handel, Tartini, Hasse, Jommelli, Seixas, Francisco Antonio de Almeida, Mazzoni,
  • Avondano and Sousa Carvalho

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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