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Cidade da Praia receives “Terra Sagrada” festival

The city of Praia will host the “Terra Sagrada” festival. That information was announced this Thursday, by the Câmara da Praia.

“Terra Sagrada” refers to the autarchy is an international event of electronic music in Africa, which focuses on the valuation of exceptional environmental landscapes and the creation of authentic moments between artists and DJs from three different continents – Africa, Europe and the Americas – in an environment outside the ordinary.

To carry out this event, the City Council of Praia, as the main partner and promoter, in partnership with 1456 Produções, Lda, organized, on Thursday, a visit to the beach of São Francisco, with the producers of “Terra Sagrada”.

With this joint trip, on the ground, they believe that the conditions for scheduling environmental impact and feasibility studies for the location of the event are met.

For this purpose, a protocol will be signed between the parties, on the 11th of this month.

The local authority believes that this is an ambitious project and that its implementation will have a huge impact on the municipality of Praia, both in terms of tourism, job creation and stimulating the local economy.

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