Brazilian Portuguese scientist discovers a new type of intelligence

The Portuguese-descendant researcher and neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu created a new concept of intelligence, called DWRI – Development of wide regions of intellectual interference. The concept was recently approved by the scientific academy, having been published by the International Journal of Development Research.

The innovative concept created by Fabiano de Abreu arose from the fact that intelligence tests often do not measure an individual’s ability perfectly. Having DWRI intelligence means being able to develop all types of intelligence, encompassing your genetic heritage, your interests and your life experiences that, in the end, result in a global and not just targeted intelligence.

There are two types of intelligence, logical and cognitive. Although they work in concert, these are actually different realities. DWRI intelligence is hereditary, already appearing in embryonic formation and is responsible for the imaginary, understanding of what is around us, the formation of personality and the condition of intelligence. The ability of someone in verbal, numerical, logical and spatial skills, even if measured by an IQ test, does not define DWRI intelligence. Thus, a subject with a high IQ does not always have a DWRI intelligence, and may only have specific intelligences.

According to Fabiano de Abreu, people who have a DWRI intelligence are, as a rule, more thoughtful and balanced, not giving in to self-centeredness or narcissism. They are, therefore, humble even though they are fully aware of their abilities, which is mainly due to the notion that being more humble brings more benefits, including for oneself. Another characteristic that prevails in these individuals is the strong capacity for emotional control without losing the ability to socialize.

According to the study by Fabiano de Abreu, individuals with an IQ above 99 and who also have DWRI intelligence are more likely to have professional and personal success, not only because of their mastery of logic, but because of their ability to socialize and reinforce social ramifications that will interfere progress, career and academia.

Fabiano de Abreu became one of the leading scholars on high IQ intelligence. Being gifted himself, he is a member of Mensa, based in England, which allowed him to have, more easily, a vast field of study for the subjects in question and a very wide base of people to study and interview.

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