Cinema Festival with a thousand spectators

The Festival of Cinema in its fourth edition had 133,572 spectators with tickets at € 2.5, which took place Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday was the day with assists, 56,240 tickets sold and 1,846 movie sessions held across the country, as reported.

These numbers are only supplanted with the debut of big blockbusters How to Train Your Dragon: The Secret World, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

During the film festival, the most viewed film was “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu”, with 40,371 spectators, followed by “Avengers: Endgame”, “Seduce me if you’re Capable”, “Solum” by Diogo and Pedro Morgado with 6,597 spectators, “Hotel Império” by Ivo Ferreira, with Margarida Vila-Nova, was also highly sought after, the organization said.

The districts with the most sold tickets are Lisbon, with 44,329 spectators, Porto with 20,561, Setúbal with 15,418, Coimbra with 9,522 and Faro with 7,336 tickets sold.

With more Portuguese cinema the public can choose between 18 films including short films and feature films, premieres and repositions. Among them are “Diamantino”, by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, “Snu” by Patrícia Sequeira, “Gabriel” by Nuno Bernardo, “Until Porn Us Separate” by Jorge Pelicano, and “Hotel Império” and the short films “Kids Sapiens Sapiens” by António Aleixo, “Sleepwalk” by Filipe Melo, “Entre Sombras” by Mónica Santos and Alice Guimarães, and “Tierra Ardida” by Francisco Romão.

Other films were also presented with the collaboration of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema, such as “Raiva” by Sérgio Trefaut, “The Labyrinth of Saudade” by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, “Cabaret Maxime” by Bruno de Almeida and “Parque Mayer” , of António-Pedro Vasconcelos distinguished with the Prizes Sophia.

The Film Festival is organized by the Portuguese Association of Cinematographic Companies and has the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute, the Portuguese Association for the Defense of Audiovisual Works and the Association for the Collective Management of Copyright and Film Producers and Audiovisuals.

Whoever lost this Feast has a second edition in autumn.

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