Cinema of Nanni Moretti in a retrospective at the Festival of Italian Cinema

An “exhaustive retrospective” of the work of director Nanni Moretti is what promises the Festival of Italian Cinema, which will take place in April in several Portuguese cities, was announced today.

This will be the 12th edition of the festival dedicated to Italian cinematography and will run from April 5 in Lisbon and in the following days will extend to other cities, such as Almada, Coimbra, Porto and Setubal.

According to the organization, the retrospective dedicated to the Italian director will include unpublished works, namely short films and documentaries.

Subtle, ironic, controversial, provocative and award-winning, Nanni Moretti is probably the Italian director who has stood out the most internationally in the last 30 years,” says the Italian Film Festival.

Nanni Moretti was in Portugal in 2015, when she presented the feature film ‘Minha mãe’ at the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival.

At the time, on the subject of this film, from a biographical experience of death and loss, I told journalists that “cinema is not a self-therapy.” “I make movies with my obsessions, tics and manias, but it does not change anything,” he said.

Director, screenwriter, actor, Nanni Moretti is 65 years old and about two dozen films that portray “the country itself and the society around it in an intelligent and never banal“, the festival said.

‘Palomino Rossa’, ‘Dear Diary’, ‘April’, ‘The Cayman’ or ‘Habemus Papam’, Nanni Moretti will soon be joining the film ‘Tre piani’, still in production, from a work by the Israeli writer Eshkol Nevo.

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