Black and white cinema highlighted at the Luísa Todi Forum

North American black and white cinema, particularly from the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, is highlighted at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum in a new cinematographic cycle presented by Lauro António, starting on 5 July.

From July to September, on Mondays, there are double sessions, free of charge, always starting at 7 pm, with great classics of the seventh art selected by the critic and filmmaker Lauro António, representing a genre that marked a time of great sociological and cultural interest in the United States of America.

At the start of the Lauro António Masterclass A Summer Cycle – North American Black Cinema, on 5 July, in which Lauro António himself is present, his book “Some Key Moments of the North Black Film” is also launched, edited by the City Council of Setúbal.

Night Lives”, a 1940 film by Raoul Wash, with George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart, about independent truckers fighting a criminal organization, has the opening honors of this new cinematographic cycle, organized by the municipality.

The opening night of Lauro António Masterclass A Summer Cycle – North American Black Cinema also includes the screening of “Relíquia Macabra”, a 1941 work by John Huston, with Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Peter Lorre, about a detective that wanders between law and transgression.

The cinema cycle dedicated to the black film continues on July 19 with the works “Enigma” and “Laura”.

Edward Dmytryk’s 1944 “Enigma” with Dick Powell, Claire Trevor and Anne Shirley follows a British team as they struggle against time to decode the Nazis’ secret code, while Otto Preminger’s 1945’s “Laura” with Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews and Clifton Webb, he shares a criminal investigation that seeks to solve the alleged murder of a young woman found dead.

July reserves yet another session, on the 26th, with Fritz Lang’s 1944 film “Supreme Decision”, with Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett, about a conventional man who lets himself be involved in the webs of a fatal woman who leads him to commit a crime, and “Angel or Demon”, the story of an unrequited love between a bankrupt man and a restaurant employee, in a 1945 film by Otto Preminger, with Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell.

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