Circus Museum opens in Lousã

The Momo Circus Museum opens to the public in Lousã on Thursday as another stage of a 30-year journey by the Marimbondo company in search of the joy denied by the “gray men.”

The name of the Circus Museum, which occupies the former Primary School of Foz de Arouce, outside the village of Lousã, is inspired by the protagonist of the children’s book “Momo and the Time Lord”, by the German Michael Ende.

It is a literary allegory, in which Momo is a girl “in a struggle against gray men,” says Detlef Schaff.

“They walk around and try to convince people to sell their free time,” he says ironically.

The director of Marimbondo read the work of his compatriot in his youth, at a time when Germany was still divided and he lived on the western side.

She has shared with Eva Cabral for several years the tasks that must be ensured to ensure the continuity of the company, which has been installed for almost three decades in the village of Vale de Sancho.

“We also fought in these years against the gray men who are about to poison our lives”, always cherishing the dream of erecting the Circus Museum in praise of Momo, also a figure of Greek mythology who personifies satire and sarcasm and who, at present, is crowned king of the Carnival in several countries, namely Portugal and Brazil.

Instead of gray days and sad people, the group wants to bring “color, joke, and joy” to the old school of Foz de Arouce, provided by the Chamber of Lousã under a protocol that will last for six years, with the possibility of being renewed.

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