Circus Nights at Casino Lisboa with Jocka Carvalho in Straps

The performances of Novo Circo are one of the references of the Casino Lisboa animation program.

Jocka Carvalho will be in evidence, next Friday and Saturday, March 13th and 14th, with a demanding number of Straps, with free entry to the Arena Lounge.

With a remarkable experience on international stages, Jocka Carvalho will be the protagonist of an exercise with a high degree of difficulty.

Where are the limits of self? How far can I go through the imagination?

These are the demands of the soul of Jocka Carvalho, a young man who defines himself by looking for his place of expression and who has already toured several artistic and sporting areas, having been a highly competitive athlete, dancer, circus artist, choreographer.

Jocka Carvalho has already performed on large stages, having intensely developed her talents in circus arts and dance.

He is currently touring with Acts Circenses, a perfect fusion of circus, dance, and acting! Jocka World is the Circus… let him be part of yours!

With free entry, Novo Circo exercises provide unique moments for Casino Lisboa visitors.
Jocka Carvalho: Straps
– March 13th: 1st set: 23h45 – 23h55 / 2nd set: 00h45 – 00h55
– March 14th: 1st set: 23h45 – 23h55 / 2nd set: 00h45 – 00h55

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