CLÃ launch “Sinais”

SINAIS (Signs) is the second song extracted from the next Clã original album. The lyrics are signed by Samuel Úria, thus continuing the artistic partnership started in Corrente, the band’s previous studio record. The composition is, as always, in charge of Hélder Gonçalves.

TUDO NO AMOR, released in late 2019, was the first preview of the next album. SINAIS leaves some more clues about the new album, whose release date is set for early spring. The theme reaches radio stations today and next Friday will be available on digital platforms.

Vasco Mendes is once again summoned by the Clans to create this new music video. Inspired by the ominous and tense charge of the song, the director chose to shoot this film in beautiful, unexpected and mysterious landscapes. Unsettling and enigmatic, the video clip SINAIS leaves us alert, attentive to what is to come. Is the future in the countryside and not in the city?

Our character, coming from the cement world, looks for the remains of nature with his detector … But when he finds it, will he destroy it or will he preserve it?

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