“Clan O’Conall” joins top finalists in the Nordic Games Discovery Contest

Canadian indie game studio HitGrab Inc. is proud to join finalists in the Nordic Games Discovery Contest held in Mälmo, Sweden.

Of all games submitted to the delegation for the event, the Celtic indie Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag was the title panel judges felt was most deserving of recognition.  These finalists represent the finest selection of submissions to the 2021 delegation of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest, now entering its 19th year of operation. 

The Celtic indie platformer is notable for its gameplay; based around swapping between three characters to initiate combat and solve puzzles – as well as its unique visual style, drawing many comparisons to the golden era of Disney animation. 

Clan O’Conall launched this April following a Kickstarter campaign the previous year. Initially facing a troubled production due to COVID-related quarantine and the closure of game expos in 2020, the game was buoyed to its release through a dedicated group of fans, streamers and influencers who supported the title during its crowdfunding period and in its open beta prior to release.

Inspired by the rich tales of Celtic folklore, Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag in an epic journey set in the land of Hibernia. Action-packed adventure awaits players on their travels through a hand-crafted world of Mortals, Fae, magic and natural wonder. 

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