Cláudia Neto slaughtering Sweden in the Algarve Cup

Portugal defeated Sweden 2-1 after losing in a match of the second round of the Algarve Cup women’s football decided with a goal by Cláudia Neto in the third minute of discounts.

In the Group D match at the Municipal Stadium in Albufeira, Sweden, reduced to 10 units from the 41st minute, opened the scoring for Nathalie Björn for free in the 68th minute but Portugal turned the result with the goals of Diana Silva (71) and the Algarve player, who represents Wolfsburg (90 + 3).

Portugal, ranked 32nd in the world, is now leading the group with three points, the same as Sweden, ninth in the FIFA rankings, while Switzerland has no point.

On the third and final day, Portugal, who can reach the final of the tournament – they are the top two among the four group winners – are facing the Helvetica in Vila Real de Santo António on Monday.

Sweden, one of the two holders of the Algarve Cup title – split with the Netherlands in the face of the cancellation of 2018 final due to bad weather – started better but Portugal, third in last year’s edition, freed themselves and managed to threaten some times by Diana Silva and Jéssica Silva, the most dynamic players in their attack.

On 17 minutes, Jéssica Silva was isolated and could have shot, but wanted to offer the goal to Ana Capeta, who was let ahead by a Swedish defence before concluding.

The Nordic side was reduced to 10 points in the 41st minute after Julia Zigiotti Olme was sent off with two yellow cards in nine minutes, while Portugal was forced to make two substitutions for injury with Matilde Fidalgo and Ana Capeta.

In the third minute of the first-half compensation time, Carole Costa squandered the best opportunity, firing for Swedish goalkeeper Cajsa Andersson who turned the ball into the bar.

In the second half, Portugal tried to ‘tighten’ Sweden, but only managed to create danger in the 53rd minute, with a new set by Jéssica Silva, who, isolated by Cláudia Neto, allowed the Swedish guard to defend the corner.

In the 68th minute, Nathalie Björn scored a free-kick and the Portuguese goalkeeper, Inês Pereira, went out, leaving the ball in the goal, but Portugal equalized at 71, in a header from Diana Silva after Dolores Silva.

In the final phase of the match, Inês Pereira redeemed himself from the error in the goal with a good defence, Sofia Jakobsson’s shot (85 minutes), and Cláudia Neto gave the Portuguese victory, receiving a cross from the right and finishing after good individual work (90 + 3).

This was Portugal’s second victory in 12 games between the two teams, with Sweden scoring 10 wins.

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