CLAV LIVE SESSION announce their program

Just as the public seeks culture, at CLAV LIVE SESSION, art seeks its audience.

The CLAV Live Session (from CAISA – Cooperative of Arts, Social Intervention and Animation C.R.L.) essentially focus on the programming of concerts by national and international artists, of all musical genres, at the headquarters of CLAVCenter and Artistic Laboratory of Vermil. They aim at regular programming in a space located in a small rural parish in the municipality of Guimarães.

This season will be present Grutera on September 11th, Hot Air Balloon on October 16th, Atlantic Percussion Group on November 13th, and Spicy Noodles December 11th.

Its concept was innovative in Portugal, giving the public the opportunity to attend a set of intimate concerts as if they were in a music studio, using studio headphones as a listening device, for a number of 25 on-site spectators. Intimate sessions, which, nonetheless, aim to reach as many people as possible.

In addition, it is a pioneer in Portugal also for being the first national programming project in the country to use the mixed format for its sessions with public/online transmission through social networks and communication platforms since January 2018. In this way, concerts are transmitted directly to the mobile phone, computer etc., of each one in “video streaming”, thus extending to a large audience where limits do not exist.

His average number of views at the end of each session was 5,500 views, a very comfortable number for a decentralized project and a long way from major centers in an attempt to make some asymmetric corrections, whether cultural, social or economic. It should be noted that in the confinement period, CLAV LIVE SESSION was the only regular programming project in the country that did not close, the only change being the non-existence of an audience in the physical space.

Like any other typified project, its activities include: preparation and pre-programming of entities/projects for the sessions, preparation of all communication and dissemination of the same; the same being broadcast in television format, there is a pre-preparation of the sessions, from the review of the technical riders to the whole dynamic of realization; the assembly and preparation of the sessions as well as a rehearsal of the session to assess all the risks inherent to its transmission.

The entire session is recorded on video and audio for production purposes and the contents are made available on the platform.

The artistic options include giving the public the opportunity to attend a set of projects that are mainly emerging but also already consolidated and of various artistic languages. They also allow projects to keep records that they would not otherwise be able to obtain, such as videos that can be used for their own promotion.

Finally, all the dynamics of the session are evaluated, mainly, her behavior while on Live, from the number of views that occurred until the end of the broadcast, geographic areas and their impact on social networks. Our average numbers at the end of each broadcast are 5,500 views, of which 70% are seen in the national territory and the remaining 30% are distributed across several countries from the European continent, through North and South America and even Asian countries.

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