CLAV Live Session announces second season of 2021

CLAV Live Session is back for the second season of 2021 which will run from July to December.

This season will have two moments: the first will be in July and August with two concerts programmed under Anima-te 2021 promoted by the Municipality of V.N. de Famalicão, which runs from the 4th of June to the 29th of August (48 dates, 85 shows) and has the Clean & Safe seal awarded by the IGAC/ Turismo de Portugal. These concerts will be open-air with free entry, in the city’s landmark, Parque da Devesa, with a maximum capacity of 800 people.

In this context, the concert by Ruído Vário, a project by Ana Deus and Luca Argel, is scheduled for the 4th of July, and the public presentation of the new work in the name of Alberto Fernandes on the 8th of August.

Ruído Vário is the show by Luca Argel and Ana Deus, from which 14 new songs emerge, written almost all of them on texts by the orthónimo Fernando Pessoa. Live, the voices of Ana and Luca transform and update the importance of Pessoa’s genius, passing through several of its facets, from the tragic solemnity to the humorous mockery, always accompanied by the guitar and by noises and projected images that introduce us into the atmosphere of each one of the poems.

O Outros Lado is the first work in his own name by the musician, composer and producer Alberto Fernandes. With this work the author presents a set of themes created in his spare time of a “forced” quarantine of one year and is the return to the stage after 10 years. Alberto Fernandes has made his career over the last 25 years in musical production and creation for theatre, with more than 30 productions. He has also accumulated the artistic direction of musical projects and festivals, highlighting the Peles-Internacional Drum Fest, the Clav Live Session and the Eco Fest Curviã Music.

The two concerts will be recorded in television format, for later transmission during the month of September on well-known platforms, such as the facebook pages of CLAV and Comunidade Cultura e Arte and on the cable television channel Alma Lusa at position 139 of Meo.

From October to December, CLAV will return home in its normal format at CLAV – Centro e Laboratório Artístico de Vermil, with the presence of the public and broadcast in streaming on the usual platforms.

CLAV Live Session is already a national reference in the programming and promotion of music in Portugal. They have already gone down in the history of music as the only project in Portugal that did not stop at the time of the pandemic, and is still considered the pioneer in the programming of concerts in a mixed format (with public and online transmission). It is still a decentralized project and very far from the big cities in an attempt to make some corrections of asymmetries, whether cultural, social or economic.

To complete this second season of 2021, the promoter of CLAV Live Session, CAISA – Cooperative of Arts, Social Intervention and Animation will produce a DVD with the best moments of 2021 in which the goal is to keep a physical record of these moments and also a promotion record for all artistic projects that have gone through CLAV this year.

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