CLAV Live Sessions | Tour, Season 2 2023

 Guimarães, V.N. de Famalicão and Porto

  • September 26th to 30th I The Nettle
  • October 24th to 28th I Pedro Branco
  • November 21st to 25th I Catarina Branco
  • December 12th to 16th I José Valente

The CLAV LIVE SESSIONS I Tour is back for the exciting 2nd season of 2023, bringing with them four guest artists for a universe of 16 concerts that will spread across various locations in Guimarães, V.N. of Famalicão and also in Porto.

After the end of a cycle made up of 50 memorable CLAV LIVE SESSIONS, the project returns with a new format and a bold proposal from Vermil for a more comprehensive territory. The big news this season is the long-awaited Tour, which integrates perfectly into the regular programming of CLAV – Centro e Laboratório Artístico de Vermil.

In the coming months, CLAV LIVE SESSIONS will be the stage for four exceptional artists, who will combine their talents with the CLAV LIVE SESSIONS project to create an impressive cycle of 16 concerts, covering the stunning landscapes of Guimarães, V.N. from Famalicão and Porto.

Com uma agenda repleta de emoções, os artistas não realizarão apenas um concerto empolgante em formato de streaming no CLAV, mas também registarão essa experiência única para formato televisivo e haverá a criação de novos conteúdos digitais.

E as surpresas não param por aí! O público terá o privilégio de vivenciar três performances ao vivo memoráveis: uma no charmoso “Moinho de Moreira de Cónegos”, na encantadora Vila de Moreira de Cónegos, Guimarães; outra como parte do inspirador Projeto “Há Cultura”, promovido pelo Município de V.N. de Famalicão; e uma terceira no aconchegante espaço “APURO”, situado na cidade do Porto.

Alberto Fernandes, artistic director of CLAV, musician, producer, and director, highlights that this new series of CLAV LIVE SESSIONS reflects years of effort and dedication. He emphasizes the growing relevance of these sessions in the music scene, both nationally and internationally.

The projects selected for the next four CLAV LIVE SESSIONS went through a careful selection process among 64 emerging artistic proposals that responded to the CALL held at the beginning of the year.

The tour associated with this bold vision aims to implement public policies for cultural decentralization and expand access to culture for an audience that, otherwise, might not have this enriching opportunity.

This ambitious endeavor is driven by an inspiring collaboration between diverse partners. The Municipalities of Guimarães and V.N. de Famalicão contribute financially to make the project a reality, while several Parish Councils offer financial and logistical support. Influential media partners play crucial roles in publicizing and broadcasting these events on television and radio.

With a new cycle of CLAV LIVE SESSIONS for the 2nd season of 2023, full of great news, new formats, and engaging content, get ready for an unforgettable cultural experience. The “CLAV LIVE SESSIONS I Tour” is ready to light up the stages of Guimarães, V.N. from Famalicão and Porto.

Schedule September to December 2023 – Season 2


  • September 27th / 9:30 pm – CLAV in Vermil – Guimarães
  • September 28th / 9:30 pm – Moreira de Cónegos Mill – Guimarães
  • September 29th / 10:00 pm – Gondifelos Leisure Park – V.N. from Famalicão
  • September 30th / 9:30pm – Auditorium of the Junta de Airão S. João – Guimarães


  • October 25th / 9:30 pm – CLAV in Vermil – Guimarães
  • October 26th / 9:30 pm – Moreira de Cónegos Mill – Guimarães
  • October 27th / 9:30 pm – Noble Hall of the Mogege Council – V.N. from Famalicão
  • October 28th / 9:30 pm – APURO – Porto
  • 53rd CLAV LIVE SESSIONS I TOUR I Catarina Branco
  • November 22nd/ 9:30 pm – CLAV in Vermil – Guimarães
  • November 23rd/ 9:30 pm – Moreira de Cónegos Mill – Guimarães
  • November 24th/ 9:30 pm – Main Hall of the Ribeirão Parish Council – V.N. from Famalicão
  • November 25th/ 9:30 pm – APURO – Porto


  • December 13th / 9:30 pm – CLAV in Vermil – Guimarães
  • December 14th / 9:30 pm – Moreira de Cónegos Mill – Guimarães
  • December 15th / 9:30 pm – António Gomes Auditorium – Avidos – V.N. from Famalicão
  • December 16th / 9:30 pm – Auditorium of the Junta de Airão S. João – Guimarães

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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